^ ”Step 3: persistent subthreshold depressive symptoms or mild to moderate depression with inadequate response to initial interventions, and moderate and severe depression - For people with moderate or severe depression, provide a combination of antidepressant medication and a high-intensity psychological intervention (CBT or IPT).” (英国国立医療技術評価機構 2009b, Chapt.

A new publication sharing the results of the Kobe Expert Meeting on health emergency and disaster risk management (Health EDRM) was published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. The meeting convened members of the WHO Thematic Platform for Health Emergency and Disaster Risk Management Research Network.  The meeting identified research questions in five major areas for Health EDRM: health data management, psychosocial management, community risk management, health workforce development, and research methods and ethics. Funding these key research questions is essential to accelerate evidence-based actions during emergencies and disasters.
In the following panel discussion, four high school students took the podium. First, Mr. So Fujiwara,  a third-year student at Ono High School said, "I think to introduce PC based self-learning tools is one of the solution for the education in rural area in low income countries”.  Mr Yuzuki Kume, a second-year student at Kawanishi Midoridai High School said, "To stop global warming, we need to consider how to reduce current existing CO2, for example, by using technology of artificial photosynthesis, in addition to consider how to prevent to produce more CO2.” Next, Mr Tatsuya Shimoyama, a second-year student at Takarazuka Kita High School year said, "We need to consider more on waste management system to shift from incineration to recycle.  We can learn from good models in Sweden.”
But beyond Japan, much more needs to be done. In the South-East Asia region, around 800 million people do not have full coverage of essential services. At least 65 million people are pushed into poverty because of health spending, mainly on medicines. Over 18 million additional health workers are needed by 2030  to meet the global targets of the Sustainable Development Goals and UHC.
2012年2月までの以下のデータベースを検索した。 :Cochrane Collaboration Depression, Anxiety and Neurosis Group (CCDAN) trials registers (CCDANCTR-References and CCDANCTR-Studies)、これはMEDLINE(1950年~)、EMBASE(1974年~)、PsycINFO(1967年~)、Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials(CENTRAL、すべての年)の関連性のあるランダム化比較試験(RCT)を含んでいる。 また、World Health Organization (WHO) trials portal (ICTRP)、ClinicalTrials.govおよびCINAHL(2010年11月までのみ)も検索した。 選択した全研究の報告の参考文献リストを調べ、その後追加された研究報告については公表されたシステマティックレビューを調べた。