A new publication sharing the results of the Kobe Expert Meeting on health emergency and disaster risk management (Health EDRM) was published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. The meeting convened members of the WHO Thematic Platform for Health Emergency and Disaster Risk Management Research Network.  The meeting identified research questions in five major areas for Health EDRM: health data management, psychosocial management, community risk management, health workforce development, and research methods and ethics. Funding these key research questions is essential to accelerate evidence-based actions during emergencies and disasters.
UHC and primary health care recognise that health is a fundamental human right. They put people at the centre, and empower individuals, families and communities with knowledge and care to optimize their health. This requires stakeholders to work together across sectors to address the social, economic, environmental and commercial factors that influence health and wellbeing (the determinants of health). A health system strengthened through UHC and primary health care is resilient and copes better with natural disasters and emergencies.